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The ‘Looking Ahead’ website will assist congregations looking ahead to the missional and connectional opportunities of being part of one of the new geographical Presbyteries (initially the Transitional Presbytery, from July 1st 2019)

Please check out the FAQ page on this website which is regularly updated.

The website will also serve as a repository of resources related to the process and priorities. See also information on the SA Synod Restructuring Task Group website and the Urban Mission Network website (note: the UMN will cease at the end of June, but the website will continue for some time after that)

Rev Sue Page (Associate Gen Sec) updates

NEW 12th June: A summary of congregations who have opted into the Generate Presbytery or the Transitional Presbytery. Presbytery-Decision-Advice-120619
(note: a number of congregations have chosen not to vote on the decision to avoid unnecessary conflict. By default they become part of the Transitional Presbytery going forward)

See resources page and strategic thinking page for updates.

At the November 2018 Presbytery and Synod meeting (SA Synod), voting members agreed that the existing structure of one Synod and one Presbytery in South Australia (existing since 2006) be modified to allow for more than one Presbytery. The meeting further agreed that a non-geographical Presbytery (NGP) (to be known as Generate Presbytery) would be created to operate by 1 July, 2019. Generate-Presbytery-Info-Sheet

Congregations who choose not to join the NGP will be part of the Transitional Presbytery of SA from July to November 2019. Transitional-Presbytery-SA-Info-sheet

The June 2019 Synod meeting, in accordance with Reg.3.4.6, will determine the initial congregations and faith communities to form Generate Presbytery and the Transitional Presbytery of South Australia. This will be based on the decision made at a meeting of each congregation or faith community to nominate whether they wish to join the NGP or be part of the Transitional Presbytery.

The initial meetings of the Generate Presbytery and the Transitional Presbytery will be held in June 2019 following the Synod meeting.

The Transitional Presbytery of SA will be dissolved in November 2019, and it is anticipated that 2-3 Geographical Presbyteries will be formed at the November 2019 meeting of the SA Synod.

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