Strategic Thinking & Proposals

This page will be a repository for strategic thinking papers, preliminary thoughts about proposals, as well as proposals submitted for consideration by the June P&S meeting.

Rev Dr Jonathan Barker’s presentation, Friday 14th June 3 presbyteries.JB
(PDF version – original ppt presentation can be sourced direct from Jonathan as it was too large to upload)

A proposal was presented to the Presbytery and Synod meeting in June that the Restructuring Task Group consider 3 Presbyteries. It was accepted after clarifying that the proposal only related to the Transitional Presbytery.
P&S proposal.SB&JH

The Restructuring Task Group tabled a report, including a compilation of congregations for Generate Presbytery and the Transitional Presbytery.


The following is a compilation of this data for consideration for placing congregations in geographical boundaries that include city, urban and rural, large and small, and of course the breadth of theological understandings in the UCA as a reformed, evangelical church. These ‘clusters’ are for consideration and discussion.




Peter Russell has prepared a map showing the possible 3 Geographic Presbyteries including Generate. Generate is on the bottom layer so some of these are obscured on the whole of SA view so you will need to enlarge the map to see all.
Google map or Google drive

Ian and Sharonne Price – the DNA of the UCA
Various videos (handheld video so not great quality but captures some of the input). Check out Urban Mission Network on Facebook for more videos.

Posted by Urban Mission Network on Thursday, 30 May 2019

Posted by Urban Mission Network on Thursday, 30 May 2019


Posted by Urban Mission Network on Thursday, 30 May 2019

Strategic Thinking
Jonathan Barker has prepared 8 points that are indicative of the direction and priorities for the Transitional Presbytery (and subsequent presbyteries formed), which may be helpful for congregations to consider. The points are a catalyst for conversation.
(note: this is Jonathan’s work presented as a resource for consideration about possible priorities for a new Presbytery)

Peter Russell prepared this succinct summary
Towards an inclusive vision for the geographic Presbyteries
These characteristics may help shape the identity of renewed geographic presbyteries for the Uniting Church in SA.
We affirm the missional vision of serving the world.
We celebrate the radical inclusiveness of the gospel of grace.
We respond to the gospel imperative for wholistic evangelism.
We commit to a just, peaceful and reconciled society.
We affirm the rich diversity of gifts for service of all members of the church.
We commit to a revitalised Uniting presence for all communities, country and city
We seek meaningful and diverse ways to tell the Gospel, explore the faith and interpret the scriptures.
We seek the continuing call of God to embark on a life-long spiritual journey.

An 5 point vision version has been prepared for consideration.
An Inclusive Vision for the Transitional Presbytery

An innovative approach to resourcing (mainly) rural congregations has begun in NSW/ACT Synod, called Saltbush – Uniting the Scattered Community. They affirm their vision in the following way:
=> That all Christian communities, irrespective of size or location, are equally a part of the wider body of the Church and can vitally live out their faith within the place and time in which they find themselves.
=> That being a scattered community is exactly as the church should be, but being disconnected is not as we should be. Being “sent” is an expression of Christ, but being separated is simply an expression of brokenness or at worst, self-empowerment.
=> That the future of the Church is not within the institution, but within the Christian community gathering in diverse ways. That within each Christian community they already have everything needed to both gather and be in mission.
=> That human needs exist in all locations and that the Way of Christ and Word of Christ are as vital today as ever. Within our wider communities those Christian communities who are genuine, welcoming, hospitable and creative will be significant within the lives of others.
=> That hospitality around the table, active compassion and inclusion, faithfulness and genuine Gospel reflection are life giving in the face of structure, regulation, tradition and self-comfort.